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Guide To Stones

African Blood Jasper – Good Luck and Blessings
African Turquoise – Encouragement for growth, development, and positive change
Amazonite – Harmony, and balance
Aquamarine – Peace, courage, and purification
Bamboo Agate – Stress reliever, instills harmony and peace, increases courage and self-confidence
Black Druzy – Light, joy and positive energy
Black & Gray Jasper – Good luck and blessings
Black & Pink Rhodonite – Comfort during stressful times
Black Sea Glass – Purity and peace
Blue Lapis – Wisdom and truth, reduces negativity
Blush Druzy – Light, joy, and positive energy
Blush, White, and Gray Jasper – Good luck and blessings
Brown Jasper – Good luck, positive vibes and helps soothe anxiety
Carnelian – Encourages motivation, leadership, and courage
Cream marble – Symbolize purity and promotes success and promotion
Dalmatian Jasper – Good luck and blessings
Gold Druzy – Light, joy, and positive energy
Gold Hematite – Safety from harm, centering with a sense of calmness
Graphite Feldspar – Increases your self-respect, self-esteem, and self-awareness. Encourages women to honor themselves
Gray Labradorite – Clarity and insight into one’s destiny
Gray Crystal Quartz – Master healer, clears chakras and cleanses body and soul
Green Aventurine – Prosperity and wealth
Lava Rock Stone – Strength and stability
Marble Gray Jasper – Good luck and blessings
Moonstone – Restores wholeness and great power to the sacred feminine energies within. Helps with fertility issues
Moss Green Agate – Healing and helps lift depression
Natural Wood – Encourages meditation and blessings
Obsidian – Protective, truth enhancing, absorbs negativity
Orange Jade – Wisdom, balance, and peace
Peach Aventurine – Attract prosperity, self-worth, and success
Pink Quartz – Great love, peace, tenderness, healing, nourishment, and comfort
Pink Rhodonite – Comfort during stressful times
Purple Amethyst – Protects and provides healing properties, soothes migraines
Silk Jasper – Good luck and positive vibes
Silver Druzy – Light, joy, and positive energy
Silver Pyrite – Protection stone, keeping you safe
Strawberry Quartz – Aids in calming the mind from anxiety
Tiffany Blue Jade – Calmness and sense of stillness. Great for anxiety
Tourmaline – Detoxification, supports fat loss, reduces water detention, circulation, and promotes mood healing
White & Black Zebra Jasper – Good luck and blessings
White & Gray Agate – Enhances courage, confidence, and strength
White & Gray Marble – Promotes success and promotion
White Quartz – Master healer and amplifies healing energies
White Turquoise – Creative problem solving, enhances intuition, and promotes meditation
Zebra Brown Jasper – Sense of Calmness, joy, helps to alleviate muscle spasms and pain